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A special visit in DMM

October 5th, 2016
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A special visit in DMM

Outokumpu, one of our most trusted partner and leader in the stainless steel sector, has hosted for six months Toni Lähteenmäki, a Finnish student majoring in Economics with the main objective to show him the Italian industrial market, visiting companies, Outokumpu’s clients, that are distinctive for the authentic Made in Italy.

Proud to be chosen in this role, we welcomed Toni as a client and showed the stations of value, to better understand our “artisanally industrial”.

Toni, a smart and curious individual, has had the opportunity to go through all of our 8 stations, that each production specialist was able to show and explain.

Immediately intrigued by the projects: questions, curiosities and satisfaction in the answers received. The enthusiasm and the wonder that he has shown, despite the different already known realities, has given us a great pleasure. We have surely contributed to his baggage of information and experiences, exactly as he and Outukumpu with us, having chosen us as an example for a young and promising career.

He has admired and was fascinated by our showroom; he has sent us a report on his visit, in the following days.

“A thousand thanks for your great company tour! From the very beginning of the visit I felt welcomed and your hospitality was truly recognized by me. Even without having a look at the balance sheet, I got the feeling that your company is doing very well. Company investments, in your case your facilities, is always a good sign. Now during my 3-month journey in Italy, I have seen quite a few companies and the most successful ones, all had one common factor – company investments. You are producing something unique and incomparable. That is admirable during this era when everything seems to be more or less copies of each other. I especially fell in love with the “King Arthur”-table. (Hopefully in the near future I will have enough money to buy one from you haha). Your lobby/showroom is fantastic! It is wonderful to see how especially stainless steel can be processed into even more eye-pleasing form. I am really looking forward to having someday the chance to visit your company again and to see the next steps you have taken.

Keep up with the good work! Best Regards,
Toni Lähteenmäki”

An important collaboration with Outukumpu, which strengthens the network of partners that DMM is created and maintained over time, critical to best serve our clients.

A special visit in DMM

October 5th, 2016
PartnershipCostumer service
PartnershiptrainingMade in ItalypartnershipCostumer service

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