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Our work method

Our added value is in each of the stages that take place for the great success of a product. Each key, each full of precious components.

100 finishes for endless solutions

Creativity in motion: experience, artisan care, passion and ingenuity are our distinctive features that allow us to anticipate trends. Innovative and carefully crafted, the over 100 finishes are employable in different fields of application, and we can produce your specific finish for your project.

Industrial thought

We plan production managing 120 people with specific training, machinery and technological equipment, running 24-hour per day. 16,000 production orders 2,700 prototypes 500,000 delivered products designed in one year. We think big and we accomplish it.
Industrial production

Artisan heart

We love making beautiful products and well-made: authentic works of art. To succeed, as St. Francis of Assisi said: "we have to work with our hands, head and heart." The craftsmanship, the care and the attention to detail that our specialists devote to each process make every product, a special product.
The artisan manufacturing

The human factor

The people are front and center: this is our strategy.
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