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The Method

Our added value is in each of the stages that take place for the great success of a product.

Each key, each full of precious components.



The synergy between our Marketing and Research & Development offices generate, daily, ideas that trigger research work: finishes, processes, production processes. Anticipating the customer requests, proposing solutions suitable to their needs: this is our objective.
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Brief with the customer

Sharing the project with the client allows us to assess and advise, from the beginning, processes and materials in order to optimize the progress and the costs.
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Feasibility Analysis

A thorough analysis allows us to consider several possible solutions: from the choice of material and finishes to the management of production batches, lead times, molds and specific equipment. This broad vision of the various factors that make up the project helps us to provide precise answers suggesting several choice options and sometimes useful ideas for a better result.
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Technical Development

The project starts to take shape: our product managers are technicians and specialized engineers who know in detail the production methods and use state-of-the-art development programs​. This allows them to industrialize products according to the best combination between the need of the client and the choice of materials and stability, without forgetting cost optimization.
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Production planning

Complex products, multiple stages, machines, artisan manufacturing, many finishes and short times. Scheduling and planning manufacturing processes through a custom software that allows us to assign each transaction to the most suitable operators in terms of expertise. This method allows us to ensure greater certainty in terms of quality and observance of order fulfillment.
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Selection of raw materials

Our suppliers of raw materials are selected, and they are our long time partners. Sharing defined standard requirements and careful verification of incoming materials are the basic steps to ensure the qualitative excellence of the future product.
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Industrial production

1,000 hours of experienced operators, state-of-the-art machines allow the creation of 2,500 products per day with an average time of production crossing of 12 business days, ensuring performance even during times of high seasonality or volumes typical of contracts.
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Artisan manufacturing

The starting point of all the stages of our work is on numerical control (CNC) machines, but, as we approach the end, the artisan touch starts to take over. The Italian touch distinguishes each individual product providing unique characteristics to each that highlight the artisan soul and heart. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship in the finish of our specialists give life to unique products of unparalleled value.
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Quality Control

At the end of each production phase, the product is checked by the specialists to ensure the quality and reliability with the drawings. When the product is completed, the product manager of production inspects its specifications and ensures that reflect the needs of the client. Only if all the verification parameters meet expectations, then the product is ready to be delivered.
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The care employed during the production of the product continues in the choice of the best packaging to preserve the quality and the finish both during transport and the assembly phase. No detail is overlooked so that the client can enjoy the accuracy with which we treat our materials.
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Our responsibility does not end with the delivery of the product. The trust that is established with the client needs to be cultivated, so it's critical for us to nurture the relationship even after the project ends, providing technical assistance, rather than consulting.
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