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Bagrati Cathedral Peltrox restoration

Designer:Prof. Arch. Andrea Bruno
The cathedral is a UNESCO heritage. The project covered the architectural renovation respecting the stylistic rules of XI century...
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UNESCO wanted the ruins of the cathedral to stay as they were otherwise they would have removed the site from its protection. The Georgian Orthodox Church wanted to rebuild the cathedral that represents an important religious symbol. The situation was deadlocked. They entrusted the project to architect Andrea Bruno, among the most experienced in the resolution of such issues.


Architect Bruno contacted us, and we become his consultants. We visited the ruins and created together the finishes needed for the difficult work of restoration. Thanks to the adoption of the Touch and Peltrox finishes combined with glass, the professor architect Andrea Bruno has succeeded in the difficult task to please both UNESCO and the Orthodox Church.

We managed to fuse modern decor solutions perfectly adapting them to the composure of medieval architecture, pulling together Peltrox and the original stone and completing the construction that was needed in several parts of the ruins. The work is of considerable complexity, given the need to cover vaults, floors, walls, columns, lofts and elevator shaft tower.
Working with architect Bruno was an unforgettable experience, a great professional, a great man.


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