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Cross-filed peltrox table with load-bearing structure

A large dining room table with load-bearing structure


Creating a thin but large size table: 4120 x 1000 mm (13.52 x 3.28 ft). The challenge was being able to integrate the two wood bases provided by the client and that they would emerge on the table top, staggered, without compromising the strength and the load-bearing capability.


The deep knowledge and experience of our most experienced engineers has allowed us to undertake with safety the best solution to complete the project while maintaining the initial characteristics desired by the client. Our team was able to ensure the stability of the table without compromising its beauty, creating a tubular structure inside the table top of only two centimeters (0.79 inches) with angled edges. Also designing a inclined enclosure that allowed the structure to be hidden in the most protruding parts without increasing the thickness and maintaining the aesthetics of the thin table.



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