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New kitchen model Essence by Toncelli: Titaniox and Wood

The metal marries the wood in a combination that enhances both materials for an elegant and refined environment. Kitchen...
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"What can we do to produce the most beautiful kitchen in fossil wood and metal that's ever been built?" This is the question that we were asked by Toncelli's delegation, which had to find a metal to marry to give life to a project utilizing fossil wood.
Our client Toncelli has chosen us to produce one of the most fascinating kitchen ideas in Milan, during Eurocucina. It is a kitchen where wood marries steel in a warm and elegant finish. The large island hood, 1280 x 1500 mm (4.2 x 4.9 ft) wide and 500 mm (19.7 inches) tall, is entirely coated in steel. The entire environment has only wood and steel as the only protagonists, alternating between them and integrated perfectly, including the faucets, original in chromed brass and the drawers details, the inside of the cupboard doors and the kitchen utensil holder. Even the special tub is custom made.


It wasn't quick. We had to study the project in depth and consider several options, besides going at the client's site to view the wood, touch it, look at it from various angles. We have analyzed the kitchen dimensions, trying to understand the desired effect and the tones of the reflections of each material onto the other in the points of contact between the them.
We suggested the Titaniox finish, which with its nacreous hue reflects the rays of light the same way wood does, while in the shade it darkens, giving the appearance of volcanic rocks.
The large hood at the center of the room looks like a monolith carved a thousands years ago, right around the time when the wood would have begun its process of mineralization. The metal that perfectly covers the client's wood has required precision welding for a total of 1000 mm (3.28 ft) to the corners. The sliding planes, still in titaniox finish, have seen the design and creation of the special tub and the raised block lines following the wood provided by the client, with necessary attempts to ensure that the movement of the lid had the fluidity requested by the project, treating also the faucet with the same finish.


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