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Who we are

"Artisanally Industrial": this is what we are.

A winning team in providing consultations,

services and products by incorporating the needs of customers using our strengths.

Roots in the past

An important story, with family origins

Roots in the territory

A magical land, cradle of the Renaissance, where history and nature go hand in hand, offering to those who live there a scenario that satisfies all the senses. They are places of culture and tradition, where people who live there are pervaded by these elements, and their activity shows their virtues. From the hills to the sea, the nature offers different landscapes but enchanted by the art and architecture that the earth has received as gift from the masters of the past who have lived and loved them. We are an active part in bringing back ancient traditions, such as with the ATM, school for the study of the Artistic Treatment of Metals.


Always geared to improvement and innovation, our reference points are the geniuses of our history: men who made a difference
The origin of the creativity

Our team

We expect the involvement and participation of all people
interested in the problem in finding solutions. In order to work,
the team must have a clear objective, a way of playing that is aware
of the established roles to develop and continuously complementary
among them. It's not about identifying the culprits, but it's about
finding solutions, using the mistake as part of the learning process.
Ambitious results are achieved by working together.
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Our headquarters

A small step in our headquarters, the beating heart of DMM. The first step to understand how deeply technique and creativity coexists in harmony, without too many words. Watch the video


From Greek, tekhne-loghia means discourse on art, where today with art we intend technique in its deepest level of knowledge. For us technology is cataloging and applying the necessary specific techniques for the industrialization and the creation of our products.


From the creativity that distinguishes our Research & Development department and the thoroughness of the technical office, gems emerge. And when the gems are of rare beauty, we are proud to protect them: like the mechanism for kneading, the Peltrox finish, the armed structure for glass planes, the family of SATIN finishes. Over the years, we have completed ambitious projects which our customers were able to seize and customize with their own requests.


Our company is committed daily to pursue its own values. We believe in them because we feel they are important to grow as a team and to be an active part of the community. Thanks to our values, we have received several "Valore Lavoro" and "Api Farfalle" awards.

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We are at complete disposal to answer a question, a curiosity or further exploring a project. Our door is always open and you are always welcome to visit our office.