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The greats of the past that have inspired us

Leonardo Da Vinci: versatile artist, curious and creative scholar has stimulated us by giving us the strength to work in many areas with multiple products. The Drapery finish sprang from the study of his drawings on the representation of the clothes worn by the characters in his paintings.

Galileo Galilei: great astronomer and scholar, has given us the technique of experimentation as the scientific method to solve problems.

Michelangelo Buonarroti: great painter, sculptor and architect, has given us a fundamental concept: it is the attention to details to make any work perfect.” Perfection is in the details”

                     leonardo-da-vinci                                                 galileo                                                     michelangelo2

      …. And the greats of the 20th century

Frank Lloyd Wright: American architect who taught us the relationship between architectural space and nature: that he called “organic architecture”. The Bauhaus by Walter Gropius, German architect, who has focused on the need to “remove the diaphragm between artist and craftsman,” to achieve “complete construction as the final goal of the visual arts”. The knowledge of the various forms of art applied to the manufacturing of metal, glass, wood, ceramic finishes and fabrics.

Frank Gehry: Canadian architect known for his sculptural and organic architectures in titanium and steel has inspired our latest collection of stainless steel finishes called “Satin”.

                               frank-lloyd                                                    walter-gropius                                                     frenk-gehry

We are certain that the quality of knowledge combined with the “practicality of making, passion for innovation and continuous learning” are a fundamental requirement for success.

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