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The warrior

In our home’s attic, in 1968, my father Aldo and my mother Nadia, to supplement their income that was never enough, with three children to feed and rent to pay, began to create sculptures of various characters with metal scraps: from Don Quixote to the Swiss guard, creating approximately 20 different models. Handcrafted works that a company of Fano marketed, and that allowed my family to keep going. My dad at the time worked at Ifi, an area factory that produces bar counters, and had a salary of £300,000 monthly. Having already in mind to open a business on his own, he signed 10 promissory notes of £50,000 each to buy a press: the same that today is at the entrance of our headquarters. In 1971, Decorazioni Metalliche Mobili officially started, with headquarters in the garage of our house. Joining them a partner: Rinaldo Amadori, expert of mechanics applied to machinery. Aldo had a deep knowledge of the materials and workmanship, and Nadia was a symbol of precision and attention to detail. The trio, for the first year, worked after normal working hours, since all three were already employed. Subsequently, verified that the initiative was working out, they decided that this would become their main activity. Within a few years, the partner Rinaldo retired, devoting himself to his passion to create mechanical movement machines. Aldo and Nadia carried forth the activity by themselves with some employees, until 1982, when I, Giuseppe, came in the company, where I met my wife, Sabrina, and together still today we are carrying forward this company with a look to the past and one to the future. Today, also my sister, Cinzia, and the third generation of the family, with Giacomo and his wife Barbara, are part of the company. The company has grown. Today it has a 6800 sq.m. building covered, 120 employees and more than 100 customers. Imagination has always been part of the DNA of the company, because it is part of the people that have built it. It’s from here that was born the desire to recover the figure of the warrior, which today is the brand of the company and a symbol of the DMM philosophy. A memory of our origins but also emblem of our character: driven, energetic, determined and vigorous. From the beginning, DMM has always been a company in motion, capable of evolving and especially eager to face the challenges.



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